Yahoo Pipe RSS Feed Aggregator

RSS Feeds have revolutionsed the concept of 'Information Gathering'. You could subscribe to RSS Feeds to get to know the latest articles published on a particular site. You could read the Feeds using specialized Feed Readers. Yahoo has taken this concept a step further and created a very powerful RSS Feed Aggregator called 'Pipes'.

Using Yahoo Pipes you could create your own custom RSS Feed Aggregator. The Software provides a highly intuitive Toolkit which helps you implement highly tricky operations on your RSS Feed. Users could sort the Feed on Publication Date, you could submit website names and automatically get the RSS Feed. You could get articles directly from Yahoo Blog Search and Pipe that output to other such RSS feeds.

You could also preview the output of the Pipe you create. This allows you to fine-tune your Pipe. You could keep your creation private or you could share your creation by Publishing your Pipe. This allows other users to 'clone' your pipe and create other sophisticated Pipes. This promotes reusability and also helps create very powerful Feed aggregators with the minimum effort.

This feature can be used in conjunction with Auto-Blogging softwares which rely on such customized RSS Feeds for their functioning. An eaxmple of such a software is Autoblogged.

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