Tame the Might Adsense

How could you possibly tame the mighty Adsense? The answer surprisingly is to "Play by the Rules". Yes, it is the most common mistake made by inexperienced publishers - Click Frauds. You cannot get away with huge sums of money by engaging in click frauds. Most likely it would be tracked and your Adsense account would be terminated forever without any explanation. So, how to Make Millions Online using Adsense?

The biggest challenge for Publishers is to get quality Organic Traffic. Higher Traffic usually translates to higher Adsense Earnings. Once you manage to get the required impressions, you could go ahead and tune other parameters such as Ad Placement, Ad Blending and Ad Management. These advanced topics are very important and could result in huge increase in CTR and hence bigger pay-checks.

To get more Organic Traffic to your site, you need to make certain that your site ranks high on the Keywords targetted in your website. If your website deals with a very common term, it would be very tough to get the necessary rank. It is highly recommended to choose the niche of your website with great caution. This decides to a certain extent the CPC and other important parameters.

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