Removing Political Ads from website

Recently during the Presidential elections in US, lot of publishers complained about Political Ads showing up at their sites. This led to reduced earnings and out-of-context advertisements. To understand this problem we need to understand how online advertisement industry works. Google approached advertisers for advertisements and hence it has to display ads pertaining to its clients. The publishers on the other hand had to suffer because this resulted in Political ads taking up their entire site!

"You can stop Political Ads from showing up at your website. This post will show how to stop political ads from showing up at your site. Use Placement Targeting and Competitive Ad Filters to remove nagging Political Ads"

To avoid such a situation Google has provided the necessary techniques and tips. Have you heard of "Targetted Ad Sections"? This is also commonly referred to a "Placement Targeting". In this process a publisher can dictate Google to place adsense ads pertaining to text present in a particular section instead of considering the entire webpage. Using this technique a publisher can restrict Google from displaying Political Ads on their website.

Another highly efficient method is using "Competitive Ad Filters". You can use these competitive filters to stop such political ads from showing up on your website. A publisher can use a maximum of 200 such filters which usually are sufficient to avoid such problems. Also, this is a transitional problem and would reduce with the end to the US Presidential Election Campaign.

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