Most Rewarding Adsense Keywords

Everybody is trying to find a niche which would get them the greatest PPC. I recently joined Commission Junction and struck Gold on seeing the Advertiser list. I sorted the list to get the names of Advertisers paying the highest commission. This automatically gave me a list of topics which would get the highest PPC.

The following are the topics which would get you the greatest PPC:

  • Life Insurance - Example: America Direct
  • Online Degrees - Example: Why Degree
  • Online Betting - Example: Paddy Power
  • Debt Settlement - Example: Debt Busters
  • Online Sports Betting - Example: Extra Bet
  • Online Home Loans - Example: Lending Tree
  • Online Printing - Example: uPrinting

I would strongly recommend to go setup sites targetting these topics. You could also create websites with the sole intention of being affiliates for these companies. With the world economy facing a recession, we would soon see huge number of unemployed people. This indicates that a job site would also do well in the coming days.

If you are not aware of these topics, you could setup RSS Feed aggregators to get the latest news on these topics. This way you know what to blog. I found 'Pipes' from Yahoo a very powerful RSS Feed Aggregator. I shall shortly write a detailed article on Yahoo Pipes.

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