Increase CTR of your website

Click-through-Rate is commonly referred to in Adsense jargon as CTR. This is the factor which translates Website Traffic into Earnings. Publishers all over the world find it very difficult to maintain a health CTR for their site. There could be many factors responsible for a very low CTR for Publishers.

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To have a high degree of CTR, the factor mostly neglected by Publishers is the "Placement of Advertisements". Some publishers place ads on certain parts of the website which are out of focus and visitors rarely look at those spots. The trick is "Place the Ads where visitors can see them". This increses the probability of the visitors clicking on these Ads.

Another major factor often overlooked by Publishers is the Ad Format. The Syscraper and Leader borad Ads are very helpful for Publishers who have a lot articles on a single page. The extended length of the webpage allows for a skyscraper ads to give a very attractive look. The choice of Ad formats is also highly dependent on the choice of the webpage template. It is highly recommended to have 3 or 4 column SEO Templates.

Another Trick often unknown publishers is "Blending Ads with Page Background". This is a very successful technique but should be done in an ethical way. Never try to fool your visitors into clicking Advertisements. To achieve a higher CTR, try to blend the Ad Text Color to be the same as the rest of your website. Also, make sure that the background of your Advertisement should be nearly same as the webpage background.

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