Adsense Book Publishing

Recently i have been searching for Publishing houses which might help me publish my first book. I have chosen to write a book for newbies in the Adsense Program. There are millions of people who spend time blogging. There are tons of information buried down in the internet just because these blogs do not get the necessary rankings. The only reason for this is improper or non-existent marketing of such blogs. This has motivated to write a book encouraging people to market their blogs. In this book i plan to even tell the not so tech-savvy people easy ways to improve their Blog rankings.

I searched for reviews for the following:

Out of the 3, i am inclined ti choose Lulu as a preferred self-publishing site.
Following are my findings:

Blurb has a wonderful interface and it is very easy to go about with the publishing tasks. Also, the software used to create books is easy to use. Lulu is more strict about the format and fonts of the document to be published. It also has a very competitive pricing to match the best in the industry. Createspace has a collaboration with Amazon and thus allows the publishers to have their books put up at Amazon. It also provides free ISBN service to the publishers. But i found many negative reviews stating that the customer service of Createspace is non-existent or at times horrible.

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