Maximize Commission Junction Earnings

Commission Junction is the single largest source of online Affiliate Marketing offers. It has tie-ups with hundreds of advertisers across various range of products. This strategically places Commission Junction (commonly referred to as "CJ") as the forerunner of Online Affiliate Marketing. Due to the wide range of advertisers and products, Publishers are sometimes confused about the entire process. This leads to wrongs choices of Advertisers and Products.

"This Post will help you Maximize Your Commission Junction Earnings. By following the tips and tricks presented, your Commission Junction Earnings will hit through the roof!"

First you need to understand the type of Advertisers. There are two types of Advertisers: Small Advertisers who automatically include you to their Program; Large Advertisers who manually approve your inclusion request. It is a lot more difficult to get your request approved for such bigger advertisers. They carefully scrutinize your website for content quality and other statistics such as monthly page views, Page Rank, etc. You need to target this range of Advertisers to make a good income.

Create a clean site, add unique content and have a good site layout. It should not be too cramped up and the advertisers should feel that their products would get a higher degree of visibility. Next approach only those Advertisers who are in the same niche as your site. Target the Best of the lot as they give out good returns.

Another major trick missed by new CJ Publishers are the "Weekly Highlights". CJ displays a hand-picked list of Advertisers who have very attractive offers for publishers. These offers are short lived but result in very high conversion rate. Always look out for such offers.

These tips should get you going on the path of huge success with Commission Junction. If you find this article helpful, do spend some time and drop a note. Constructive suggestions are always welcome! Also, do not forget to subcribe to this site's feed to get many more such helpful tips.