Successful Adsense Tips

Write Good Content

This is by far the most important tip for earning a good revenue from the Adsense Program. Remember, visitors do not come to click your Ads. They come because you hace provided a compelling article which makes them stay longer at your site and in this process increase your chances of getting clicks. So, sit back and think about articles which are usefull for your visitors. You would be helping your visitors and also the internet by providing such interesting articles.

Show Highest Paying Ads on your site

It is very important that you allow only high paying ads to show up on your site. How to do this? Pretty simple. Google provides you the facility to use "Competitive Ad Filters". This allows the publisher to decide which ads are relevant and seem better for their site. Use this tool well and this could result in a huge difference in your Adsense earnings.

Avoid being smart priced by Google

"Smart Pricing" usually happens if you have a very low CTR. So, the best way to avoid this situation is to strategically design your adsense site to give you an increased click-through-rate.

Ad Location

This is a very significant factor in increasing your CTR and also your Adsense earnings. It is highly recommended that you should place your Ads where your visitors can easily see them. But remember, don't be too loud. Place your ads "above the fold" for a better exposure and also a higher CTR.

Ad Colors

The Adsense community is divided on this topic. There is a group of people who feel that blending the Ads with the site's background helps improve earnings while there is an equally vocal group stating that having contrasting colors helps draw more attention and in the process achieve greater returns.

Use Tracking Tools like "Google Analytics"

It is very important to understand your site's traffic. How many people visit your site from Social Networking sites? How much is Organic Traffic part of your total traffic? Which links on your site were clicked most frequently? How long did visitors stay at your site? Which geographical location sends the most traffic? All these questions can be answered using a Tracking Tool.

Embed Videos with ads to Increase CTR

Adding videos makes your site more attractive. Studies have shown that visitors tend to stay longer at sites displaying interesting vidoes. With so many free video sharing and hosting sites, it is very easy to set this up.

Decorate your ads

Be special, think out of the box, try decorating your Ads. You never know, this might be the next biggest mantra to being succesful woth Adsense! Decorating your ads makes them visible to 'ad-blind' visitors. This helps publishers achieve greater CTR and also a better earning.

Remove Borders from your Ad

If you are using Text Ads, it si very important to make certain that you remove the Ad Borders. This gives out an impression of the Ads being part of the actual article. This strategy has been universally accepted as a must-do for all publishers.

Never Try Black Hat techniques

Black Hat techniques might be an easier and quicker way to earn money. But this is not an ethical way of earning. Also, if you are caught using such techniques, you have the risk of being banned from Adsense forever. This is too big a risk to be neglected.

Select good Hosting Service

This can be a very tricky issue. Pften people tend to go for free services but this is not advicable. The biggest problem is 'Flexibility'. You are restricted to using only tools provided by the hosting company. One of the leading Hosting Companies is "Go Daddy". I used their service and found their customer service to be exceptionally good. You cannot go wrong by choosing them.

Use SandBox for Testing Ad Formats

This another neglected tool for Publishers. This allows publishers to know the look and feel of the ads that might appear on their site. It gives you the flexibility of showing the various ads without increasing your ePCM. This allows publishers achieve a greater visibility for their ads and also in the process earn a lot more.

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