What is Search Engine Optimization?

There are millions of webpages added every day to the World Wide Web. How do you get the best and most relevant pages out of these millions? The answer is "Search Engines". The Search Engines are responsible for going through these innumerable pages and sifting out the best from the bunch. Seems tedious right? Yes it is tedious and requires a huge amount of processing and storage to achieve the desired result. So, the next time you write an article and publish it online, you would be faced with the obvious questions: How do i make certain that my page is unique and gets a good feedback from Search Engines?

"This Post tells you the concept of Search Engine Optimization and also tells you ways to achieve a good Page Rank for your website"

"Search Engine Optimization" as the term suggests, is the process of optimizing your webpages for Search Engines. All Search Engines operate primarily on the concept of "Page Rank". This is the process of ranking each webpage on a scale of 10. The more, the better! What factors decide the Page Rank of a certain Page? There are thousands, but the most relevant is 'in-coming links'. The Search Engines operate on a Fundamental Rule, "If the Page has important information, it would be referenced by more relevant pages". It is much like Research Papers, if it is good, it shall be referenced in more Research Journals. Another important factor is 'Keyword Density". Search Engines parse the contents of a webpage to decide if it contains relevant information.

So, if you want to rank high in Search Engine Rankings, the following are a must:-

  • Write Relevant and Unique articles
  • Use Keywords properly to maintain a healthy keyword density
  • Make use of Meta-Tags and Header Text Tags
  • Create as many backlinks as possible
  • Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories
  • Create RSS Feeds and submit them to RSS Directories
  • Write Review articles about your Blog
  • Always Have a "Privacy Page" and "Contact US" on your site
  • Never use Black-Hat Techniques like cloaking

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