Earn with Domain Auctions

Usually Publishers make a bulk of their online income with CPC, Inline Ads and Affiliate Marketing. One aspect of online earning mostly neglected is "Earning through Domain Auctions". Domains can influence Search Engine Rankings to a significant extent. Getting the right domain for your site is the first step towards a healthy online earning. You could purchase domains at service providers such as GoDaddy who along with Domains also provide other services like Dedicated Hosting Services, Virtual IP and also Private Registration.

Agencies like GoDaddy and Sedo allow you to auction your domains. The Domain owner has to first establish his/her ownership and then go ahead and state the High and the Low of the bid amount. You could also set preferences such as "Buy-Now Only". It is very important to understand the value of the domain before they are put to auction. Often Domain owners request for an exaggerated sum of money for their domains. It is usually a good option to get your domain appraised by some good agency before going ahead with the bid.

One such agency is "Cubestat". It is a free service and you get an approximate value of your site. This could provide you the much needed price-range for setting up the auction. There are many factors which might influence the price of domains. Some of them are:

  • Age of Domain
  • Hyphenated Domains
  • 2-3 Letter Domains
  • Abbrevated Domains

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