Improved earnings using affiliate marketing

Google adsense has been around for more than 5 years now. In the process revolutionizing the concept of contextual ad marketing. Although today contextual ad marketing forms the bulk of webmaster earnings, we cannot neglect the contribution of affilate marketing. "Commission Junction" is the forerunner in the field of online affilate marketing. How does affilate marketing work and how dis Commission Junction become so successful?

"Affiliate marketing is a form of Internet-based marketing process in which a business organization rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought to its website by the affiliate."

So, if a publisher wishes to earn extra money, he/she has to register with a company willing to sell its products through affiliates. has a very wide-spread affiliate marketing program where affiliates get to showcase products from at their site. For every sale done through the affiliates site, the affiliate gets a portion of the sale amount. You can learn more about the Amazon affiliate program by clicking here. You can also see a working example of amazon affiliate program on this site as well.

Commission Junction took this idea a step further. It consolidated all such affiliate marketing offers and started distributing through a single forum. So advertisers approach CJ(Commission Junction) with their products and CJ in turn distributes these offers to other publishers. This saves the advertisers the hassle of maintaining an elaborate affiliate marketing team and infrastructure. Also, the publisher is benefited since it gives him/her a greater range of products to display at their site. You can learn more about Commission Junction by clicking here.

Another organization doing notable good in contextual and affiliate marketing is Adbrite. The program is very similar to Adsense but it also gives the added advantage of concepts like full page intermission ads and inline ads. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Affilate marketing can significantly contribute to a publishers earnings if there is a sizeable traffic. It forms one more channel of income for the publisher. Hope this article helps publishers understand the concept of affiliate marketing and its benefits.