Semantic Ad Network

Beet Tv is a Semantic Ad Network claiming to be more profitable to Advertisers and Publishers than the Google Adsense Program. Semantic Ad Networks operate differently than Contextual Ad Networks like Google Adsense. Semantic Networks evaluate an entire page to find the exact nature of a page. This allows the engine to understand the page better and display more relevant Ads.

Beet Tv claims that since it evaluates the entire page, its ads have a higher Click Through Rate(CTR) than Google Adsense. Also, Advertisers are more comfortable with the fact that their advertisements are being displayed on a more relevant page. You can click here to visit Beet Tv.

Beet Tv has been names as one of the hottest startups for 2008 by MIT. You could watch the following Free Video to learn more about Semantic Ad Networks and how it is challenging the Google Adsense Program.