Prevent Common Mistakes

Prevent common mistakes committed by new Adsense users. These mistakes could result in a life-time suspension from the Google Adsense Program. Also, your site could be permanently Black-listed by Google. All pages of your site could be permanently removed from Google's Index. This could harm your chances of making Free Online Money using Advertisement programs like Google Adsense.

Few of the common mistakes committed by users is "Clicking own Ads". This is a very serious mistake and your Adsense account would be suspended forever for indulging in "Click Frauds". Another common mistake is creating websites just for Adsense. This is more commonly referred as MFA "Made for Adsense". Only sites with good content are given a good Page Rank and Google would heavily penalize your Page Rank if you indulge in this activity. Another common mistake is "Cloaking". People try to create webpages which would appear differently to humans and to the Google Bot.

You could watch the following Free Video to learn know more about the common mistakes committed by Adsense users.