Flixya works with Adsense

Flixya is a very popular Video and Photo sharing Site. You could also create a Blog at Flixya. You could use Flixya to display Adsense Ads by adding the necessary code to your Blog. Flixya is a 100% revenue sharing site and you get to keep all of the money you generate with the online Ads.

It is very easy to operate and you could get started immediately after registering at their site. You could visit the website by clicking here. Flixya allows you to share video, photos and your blogs from a single account. This also helps in making even more earnings than the usual blogging sites. The fact that it seamlessly integrates with Google Adsense makes it very attractive for prospective publishers.

You could watch the following Free Video to learn more about Flixya and how you could make money using it with the Google Adsense Program.