Affiliate Marketing Options

Sometimes "Less is Better". It surely holds true for the Google Adsense Program. It has been widely observed by Publishers that having limited Ad units on their webpage gives them a higher Pay-out than loading the Page with more Ad units. The reasoning for this is rather simple. When you have a limited number of Ad units, you can use the competitive Ad filter more efficiently blocking less paying Ads.

Also, if you have nearly 10 or 12 Ad links on your page, chances are 8 or 9 links are low-paying and greater number of links reduces the probability of visitors clicking on higher paying links. Thus it is highly recommended to start with lesser number of Ads and start increasing at a very slow rate after you have setup competitive Ad filters.

You could watch the following Free Adsense Video Clip to learn more about the concept of Competitive Ad Filters and how to use them efficiently to earn a greater Adsense income.