Beware of Widgetbucks

WidgetBucks at the first look seems to any other way to earn money online. But on close scrutiny you find that there are serious flaws with their Pay-out model. The most disturbing aspect is the fact that the Advertisements do not change frequently. This results in the same Ad being displayed for weeks. This results in lower CTR as time progresses. Usually with returning visitors, people are highly unlikely to click an Ad if they have done it in the recent past.

Also, due to dropping CTR, WidgetBucks reduces the Pay per Click and they implement it after back dating. So, instead of reducing the rates from the day that CTR goes down, they reduce the rate from the day you joined the program. This would cause you a significant loss if you had started off with a better Pay per Click.

You could watch the following Free Video to learn more about WidgetBucks and what all to watch out for before joining it.