Make Money with Every Visitor

Pay Per Play Ads is the hottest thing in online Advertising and Publishing. This guarantees payment every time a visitor visits a site.You need not wait till the visitor clicks on the advertisements . You could place the code(which is similar to Adsense code) into the landing page of your site and you get paid for every visitor!

Every time a visitor visits a Pay Per Play site, a small audio clip of 5 seconds is played. Also, if an audio clip is played once, it is not played for the next 30 seconds. Thus ensuring that the visitor is not burdened with listening to Ads every time he/she clicks on a link. You could click here to visit a Pay Per Play site.

Pay Per Play is very beneficial to webmasters to have a good traffic since it has a 100% conversion factor. You could watch the following Free Video to learn more about the concept of Pay Per Play Ads and how you could earn more as a Publisher.