Increase Visitor Traffic

This is one of the biggest challenge faced by new publishers. Publishers could enroll in Advertising programs to publicize their site, but this costs the publishers. One of the leading Online Advertising is the Google Adwords Program. But the trick is to get the traffic without spending money! In this post i shall discuss on such method.

Adbrite has come up with a Free Link Exchange Program. It is called 'Spottt'. How does Spottt work? The publishers have to create a thumbnail image of size 120x120 and upload it along with a JavaScript to their landing Page. Once this is done, the Spottt program searches compatible sites and allows these thumbnails to be displayed on other participating sites.

This way the publisher is relieved from the act of spending hours searching for compatible sites and negotiating link exchange. This method is highly efficient and does help in boosting traffic to sites. You could visit one such site enrolled in Link Exchange by clicking here.

The following screen-shot shows Spottt in action:

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